Searching is just one
shake away.

Now you can shake your iPhone
to search for any contact.

With iSmart Dialer you can just
shake or tilt your device to start
searching any contact, as fast as possible.
Start Using


  • Find contacts by first, last or company name while only using the numeric keypad.
  • Shake or Tilt your iPhone to turn on/off search mode fast (or just hold # for 2 seconds).
  • Call, SMS or Email from inside the dialer.
  • Auto-Off search mode and Auto-Complete when you start dialing a number.
  • Speed Dial: Assign 'Speed Dial-Favorites' to keys 1-9.
  • Multi language support: Unlimited number of languages
    for simultaneously searching and up to 2 languages
    to be printed on the keypad. Currently includes 31 languages.
And Many More...

How to use?

First, Searching: Turn on search mode (it's should be already on when the application loads).
Spell your contact's first, last or company name with the large keypad.
To spell 'C', there is no need to press 2 three times, one press is enough.
That's it! you will see the results (and the letters you spelled) in the familiar phone number display.
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